Share Your Projects with the Community

Help other communities and neighbors in New Orleans by sharing your knowledge about what it takes to execute a project that cuts down on blight – reply below this post to share your information. We want to hear from YOU if you have done a community cleanup, created a community garden, landscaped a lot for water management, managed an urban farm, or bought a lot at auction so you could improve it. Extra helpful information includes:

  • Project Description: What was the project? Who did it?
  • Partners: Who helped you? Is there an organization you couldn’t have done this project without?
  • Ownership: Did you buy the lot that you used; did you lease it; or did you just clean it up without trying to officially own it? Why?
  • Cost: What were the major components of your project, and what did they cost? Did you cut the cost by using volunteers?
  • Successes and Challenges: What were the successes you saw from this project? What made this project hard to achieve?


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